LINK: Who Loses If the Supreme Court Challenge Overturns Obamacare Subsidies?

Screenshot 2015-03-05 17.10.30Walter Dellinger makes a good point in Slate, that the citizens who will be hurt if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the four men who challenged the Affordable Care Act because citizens in their state are getting subsidies even though their state doesn’t have its own exchange, are working class people in the 35 or so states that didn’t set up exchanges. The link takes you to a Kaiser Family Foundation pages that describes the four types of exchanges.

Dellinger explains the reasons almost all the people hurt by this are people in the Red States, who have elected politicians who hate the Affordable Care act, and have already chosen not to implement the Medicare expansion in the ACA that would have covered millions of more citiens, on the mostly-Federal dime. In some ways it almost makes you hope the Supremes support the challenge, since it would be interesting to see the politicians in those states explain to their constituents why they’re not getting benefits their equals in the Blue States are.

Maybe that would provoke some voting.

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