The Known Facts About Donald Trump

Donald and his dad Fred, to whom he owes a lot, as Newsweek details.
Donald and his dad Fred, to whom he owes a lot.

Three authoritative pieces about Donald Trump have emerged in recent days. These are based on solid straight-forward reporting by Newsweek, The Atlantic and Washington Post, and are followed by Keith Olbermann’s oxygen depleting recitation of factual reasons Donald Trump shouldn’t be president.

These stories are all over the place today, but I’m pinning them here just in case anyone lands here who needs to be reminded what their vote for Trump is actually a vote for.

Kurt Eichenwald on the shady way Trump has run his businesses, in Newsweek.

Conor Friedersdorf on the shady way the Trump Foundation has operated, in the Atlantic. Friedersdorf’s piece relies a lot on reporting by the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold, whose Twitter feed (@fahrenthold) is definitely worth following.

Keith Olbermann with 176 reasons Trump shouldn’t be president, at GQ.

If you want the citations to each of the 176 reasons, visit the print version of the Olbermann piece with hyperlinks here.

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